Monday, February 23, 2009

Wonder of Wonder Miracle of Miracle!!

Last night I had this horrible pain in my chest and ribs and back and pelvis and I just couldn't get any relief from the pain, so I had to call the after hours BMT clinic and they advised me what to do to control some of the pain. When I asked them what would be causing me so much pain, they said sometimes the nulasta shot which they give you to help boost the immune system will cause that pain. I went to the clinic this morning to do my labs and I told the girls if the pain I had last night was any indication of the "boost" my immuine system got I would probably be in the 10,000 mark on my white cells! The day before my white blood cell count was 0.63, which showed signs of improving, but I wasn't engraft. Well today when the labs came back, my white cell count was 8.31. Crazy! I am now engrafted, and will see the Dr. tomorrow and hopefully get the ok to return back home. My throat is feeling much better and I am so happy I didn't have to stay in the hospital! In my mind this good news is nothing short of a miracle because of the many many prayers that have been given in behalf of our family. We love you all. As a family we continue to pray for all of you in your individual circumstances and trials.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful!! We think of you often and are excited for the great news! Your strength and courage give us such hope in this crazy world...hang in there, we love you, Lori and Tasi

Marci Jolley said...


That is so great! I am glad that you get to go home soon. We love you.

gail said...

You must be so happy ... such great news. Keep it up! XO Gail Berry
PS I'll let our class know tomorrow ... they always ask about you and we think of you in the fondest way every Tuesday morning.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Carolyn, praying you a good week - great week - and relief from pain. When I hurt badly physically, mentally or spiritually I am always humbled by the Savior's pain for us. It doesn't change it at that moment but I have a deeper appreciation for Him because of it. Sometimes I wonder why people have to suffer. I guess that is why. Really hoping you have a nice day Friday.

Steve said...

I was driving home from work yesterday and saw the big yellow sign at your house.
Keep up your positive attitude. I know the Lord watches over you. Hope to see you around soon.


Rogers said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!HOPE IT'S A GREAT DAY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!