Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend in the hospital

After a good week of treatment, Carolyn was admitted to the hospital Thursday when she began to lose more liquids than she could take in - mostly due to diarrhea, which is a common side-effect of the chemotherapy. Jeff watched her (and a little football) while the rest of the family was in Panguitch for the holiday. Friday, she was diagnosed with a blood infection, and today (Saturday), she is complaining of being out of breath.

She and Jeff have, as you know, been very appreciative of our prayers and exercises of faith in their behalf. They have felt a strong sense of support, and they never fail to be thankful for all that is done for them. Please continue to keep them in your minds and hearts and prayers this weekend.

Posted by Sydney Haglund

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Almost there

Friday I got the stem cell transplant. Everything went great. Saturday was just an okay day, but today, Sunday I am feeling much better. Dr. Tricot said that day +5, 6, and 7 which will be Wed, Thurs, and Friday, will be my worst days, so I am preparing for the upcoming week, but honestly I am doing so great. I feel so blessed.

Shea has been with me today. Jeff just got here to spend the night and tomorrow. Jeff and I are excited to welcome our new grandson into the world tomorrow. Carter Mark(?) Owens will have his turn on earth starting tomorrow, November 24. We are so excited, I have butterflies just typing about it. I love my grandbabies!

I hope everyone enjoys the Thanksgiving holiday. I love Thanksgiving, getting together with family and eating good food. Playing games, shooting skeet, Turkey Tournament, all good times.
Have a fun week together family. I love you.

Here's a birthday shout out to Rachael Hubert and Makelle Brown. Hope you had a great B-day!

I have a picture of all you darling beehives sitting on my nightstand. I see your smiles when I climb into bed at night and your smiles when I get up in the morning. Your all beautiful. Thank you.

I came across this quote today and I loved it.

"When we really believe in Jesus Christ-meaning that He will overrule for our good and that He knows who we are--that kind of faith naturally creates a feeling of hope and optimism."

I am filled with hope and optimism. I know Christ knows me and is aware of me. I am healing and gaining strength each day. Life is so good.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Climbing Rocky Ridge

This week I started my heavy duty Chemo. I had my first dose on Monday, and will have another dose on Thursday. I'm guessing about now those myeloma cells are wishing they had never seen the inside of my marrow. So far I am tolerating the Chemo, but apparently it takes one or two days for the side effects to kick in. Some people don't get super sick and with all the support I have, I know I will be fine. Friday they will put the stem cells back in my body. I guess it is rather anti-climatic putting the cells back. It is similar to getting a blood transfusion. Next week I get more Chemo on Monday and Thursday and then I wait for my immune system to recover. As soon as that happens, probably 2 weeks, I get to come home for 2 months.

I have my sister, Becca, staying with me. Everyone needs a Becca in their lives. She cooks, cleans, follows up on all my medical needs, and carries on a pretty good conversation. I have such a great family. Thanks to you all!

I am looking forward to a new grandson this month. Cherise, our daughter in law, would like to see him born on November 24. His Grandfather Owens however, would like to see him born on his birthday, December 3. The original due date was Dec. 6, and has been moved up to November 29. I guess he will come when he is ready.

My middle son, Shea, returned from SVU yesterday and I love having him back in the State. Jeff flew out to Virginia on Friday and watched Shea play his final football game on Saturday. They then loaded up the car and left early Sunday morning, driving 30 straight hours and meeting me at the Bone Marrow Clinic just as I finished my first treatment. What troopers!

I continue to see miracles happen each day. I know I am being blessed by all of your prayers. I also pray for all of you wonderful people that have been so generous and kind to our family. Thanks a bunch, and God bless.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home at last!

I finally finished up the stem cell collection. 21 million in all!! It took a lot longer than I had hoped but the positive side of it is that I got them all.

I met with Dr. Tricot yesterday, got the port removed from my neck and some lab work done. I now have 2 weeks at home and it looks like we may be able to start phase two on the 17th of November.

It is so great to be home. I really missed Kristen and Jeff and it is nice to wake up in my own bed with new sheets and a new spread. Thank you to all who contributed.

Colton and Megan have been staying here and holding down the fort. I really appreciate them.

Life is good.