Monday, February 16, 2009

Day +3

The stems cells were infused on Friday and we moved into the apartment the same day. I was especially tired on Friday, maybe because they put a few more million stems cells in than the last time, but everything seems to be going good. My white count has dropped a lot faster than it did before, so I seem to be feeling a bit more effect of the chemo early on. Today I will go to the clinic to have some lab work done and then as a new precaution, on Wednesday I will go to the clinic and receive a shot of an antibiotic to keep me from getting an infection. Thursday, I will get a shot that will help build my immune system and Friday my stem cells should start to engraft. I will try and keep you all posted. Love ya Lots!


gail said...

Glad for the reports ... I said a special prayer just for you today (hope you felt it landing on you!)
XO Gail

Mariellen said...

Yeah Day 4 is done! Now Day 5! Aren't there only 10 in this series? Keep smiling! You're good at it. Love you and praying for you.