Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I just want to update everyone on my recovery process. I am improving daily. I had an appointment last week to get some lab work done and an IV drip to strengthen my bones. The lab results were good. I don't see the Dr. again until the end of the month, at which time they will do a bone marrow biopsy. From the biopsy, I should know better how the cancer has responded to the treatments. I feel very encouraged and optimistic. The challenge for me now is to get my strength and energy level back. I need to be out walking every day and lifting a few weights here at home. The snow makes getting outside a bit of a challenge, but I'm sure it won't last.

I have started to go to the grocery store and a few other places without wearing my mask, which actually gives me some anxiety. I think when I wear the mask I feel some sense of security.

My hair has fallen out again. It had started to grow back, but about three weeks after the last dose of chemo, I lost it all again. Oh well, I suppose it will grow back again. I have enjoyed not having to shave my legs! Also, I can get ready to go someplace in about ten minutes tops. I can see why Jeff doesn't mind being bald. The one drawback is my head gets really cold, especially at night. I have to wear a hat to bed to keep my head warm.

Jeff and I are excited to get a new granddaughter here in the next few weeks. The due date is March 22, so anytime now. We will also get to see our grandsons the end of the month. Nathan is coming to Utah with his family for a wedding, so we have some fun things to look forward to.

We continue to see miracles in our lives daily. We have been so blessed by all of our ward members, by the BYU 106th ward members, and by our family members, and so many other good friends and acquaintances. The gratitude we feel cannot be easily expressed, but please know that not a day goes by that we don't express it to our Heavenly Father and we pray for all of you that have blessed our lives so abundantly.


Shelly Johnson said...

It's always so good to read your blog. You are so full of faith and have taught us so much. You'r testimony is awesome! We keep you in our prayers.

Annalisa said...

Sister Owens,

A lot of ward members are running/walking the Rex Lee Run tomorrow...many of us with your name pinned to our backs. Hope you don't mind.....I should have asked earlier! So we'll be thinking of YOU!


flora said...

So glad you are progressing, doing better and through this last ordeal. You are on my mind and in my prayers.

Nikki said...

You are such a strong person you are such an inspiration.
I heard you had a new Grandbaby yesterday. It was Andru's Birthday too. Tell them Congratulations
We love you
Dave Nikki Andru & Alexis